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The key to a successful company, business or services is to have a strong social media presence. In these modern times, there is a dearth for offering the best social media marketing services in India/Mumbai. It’s a task to keep up with your ever-growing customers on social media platforms. To ensure a successful social media campaign it requires a lot of time, efforts and sustainability. From creating well-written content for each social media platforms to engaging with the users through public and private messages and dealing with public relations or online reputation management, your brand requires it all. Since the task requires expert, thoughtful and careful intervention, many businesses, brands or services choose to stay away from making use of social media despite many benefits reaping out of such platforms. Are you looking out to hire a Digital Marketing Company in Mumbai for Social Media Marketing?

Best Social Media Marketing Agency in Mumbai, India 2019 | Enlive Digital

Why Enlive Digital is amongst the Best Digital Marketing Companies in Mumbai for you?

Social networking sites/platforms are apparently a vital and essential tool for trustful customer relationship management and brand marketing. You can’t expect a connection with the audience by just having a website. It is an added boost if you as a brand or business involve in exchanging dialogues with your potential customers and taking their feedbacks. A professional Social Media Marketing Company in Mumbai is what you require for social media management. The benefits of working with a Digital Marketing Agency in Mumbai is that you can easily focus on the business end of things and simultaneously, all your social media activities are taken care of by professional experts with a comprehensive Social Media Marketing Strategy. Enlive Digital is one of the best digital marketing agencies in Mumbai that focuses on ROI driven social media marketing campaigns. We do social media marketing on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Instagram, Pinterest, YOUTUBE, Tumblr, Google Plus, Stumble Upon, Medium, Quora and Telegram. We ensure that our social media campaigns generate leads and new customers across all digital and offline platforms.

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The Social Media Marketing Approach at Enlive Digital Marketing Agency

An online presence of a business, brand or services is only operational and practical if high and valuable quality content manages to inform or communicate a brand’s success story to the target audience. This will help in driving in necessary traffic to the website and also helps to optimize customer relations with users who seek information in real time. It is very much important to have professional Social Media Agency services in Mumbai for any business, brands, company or services who want their online audience and presence to grow. It’s not about getting attention from loyal and potential customers, but also Google. All your social media marketing needs and solutions are taken care of at Enlive Digital. We invest in the best social media marketing practices and give your brands a digital boost along with digitally delighting the target customers.

What do we do at Enlive Digital for Social Media Marketing?

We ensure that you choose the right platforms for social media marketing in Mumbai

Enlive Digital is one of the best social media agencies in Mumbai. We give you the best quality service for social media management. We are always updated with the latest developments in social media marketing and SEO. Hiring us for managing your online presence will give you the best online branding, guaranteed web traffic and an engaging customer relationship management. The digital marketing spectrum is our speciality and we know which social media platform, content, tools work for your company or business.

Social Media Strategy has a Direct Effect on SEO Rankings

One of the things that are essential to SEO is Social Media. Social media is very important for attaining good search rankings. Social media signals are used by Google as a unit of measurement of a site’s relevance. A website of a business, brand or service that is not able to generate relevant website traffic through social media network is considered as useless, irrelevant or outdated. If this happens, the authority of your website will witness a massive dip and will drown in the depths of Google’s search rankings.

What is On-Page Optimization?

On-Page SEO in simple terms can be defined as a practice of optimizing a web page in a website so that it ranks higher and acquires more relevant traffic through search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. On-Page elements like both content and HTML source code of a page can be optimized if you compare to Off-Page SEO which deals with links and other external indicators of traffic.

Top Social Media Platforms with Enlive Digital


The most popular social networking site is Facebook due to its broad number of users and audience. Social Media Agencies in Mumbai use Facebook for brands for online reputation management that help to send and receive feedback to their old, new and potential customers. Facebook helps to build and maintain potential relationships through various social media opportunities like content marketing, video marketing, product marketing, services marketing, PR coverages, announcements etc. Facebook helps to build the entity of your company or brand by making it appear more human that helps to drive more traffic.


Google offers Google Business Listing as a platform as listing your business with Google Business gives you an added advantage of Google Search Engines and Maps. It signifies that your business is very much alive and well in your locality. It helps the customers in your locality to discover your business or brand. It is very much important these days to be active and give regular updates through social posts.


If a business or a brand wants to make themselves socially aware through creative visuals the Instagram is the best social media marketing tool to use in India. It is a medium where you will find loyal following for your business or brands. The target audience on Instagram follows brands or services for product updates, promotional activities, sales and other inspirations. It is a photographic platform that requires time and talent. It is one of the best social media platforms to drive traffic to your websites. Enlive Digital will provide the best Instagram marketing services to your brand and website.

Why Choose Enlive Digital for Social Media Marketing?

Enhance Your Social Media Presence

We create, conceptualize and execute social media campaigns that are relevant to our customers’ market or target audience. A custom active online presence is what we deliver for the client’s brand or website.

We Develop Platform Specific Content

We prepare content calendars in advance to make sure it outreaches to client’s customers or audience. This helps our clients to get heads on for all the content beforehand.

Trial and Error Testing Method

Through thorough A/B testing, we make sure all the creative and effective social media campaigns drive traffic to the client’s website.

Collaborative Marketing

We treat every project like our own and we invest our marketing efforts in your brand’s success. If your brand speaks our marketing language then we are more than happy to collaborate with you!

Social Media Analytics

We study and understand the effectiveness of social media campaigns; the amount spent through important data analytics. We determine how to use our resources better.

Effective Campaign Development, Management and Execution

We create and optimize social media campaigns by keeping the target audience and business objective in mind for the best execution.

Attract Influencers for Better Outreach

We believe in developing social media campaigns that help the influencers of the brand to influence their opinions that reflect the status of your brand or website.

Community Development

We not only focus on ROI based social media campaigns but also aim at creating a community space where people can communicate with their favourite brand or services beyond social space.

Increasing Traffic and Online Exposure

Social Media Management (SMM) is the most cost-effective medium for generating online web traffic for businesses and generating curiosity about brands. You need a social media marketing company in Mumbai so that your online customers search for your company and talk about your company. Enlive Digital helps your brand or business to stay connected with your audience through expert social media management.

We are the Social Media Marketing Experts in Mumbai!

Our teams of Social Media Managers are experts when it comes to social media marketing in India. Our team invests their time, knowledge and expertise to make sure the social media campaigns of our clients deliver the desired results. We are a result-oriented Social Media Marketing Agency in Mumbai.

Social Media Strategies by Enlive Digital

We study the target audience and strategize accordingly.

Create social media accounts on every social media channel.

Create content that is engaging and compelling with the users or customers.

Circulate text, video and audio content on social media.

Optimizing and engaging through social media discussions.

Analyze the progress and evaluate the results.

We are the most affordable Social Media Agency in Mumbai

At Enlive Digital, we see to it that we don’t burn a hole in your pocket. We have flexible Social Media Marketing packages, be it big or small businesses and websites. We provide the best social media service for your business at attractive prices starting from Rupees 11900/month.

What is Included in our SMM Packages?

Under our SMM package, we work on 4 major Social Networks:

Social Networks


Google Plus




Video Channels



Images Channels



Social Bookmarking Channels




Scoop it

Stumble Upon

Content Publishing




News PR

Content Distribution

Social Sharing

Group Network Sharing

Social Bookmarking

Social Network Participation

Brand Reviews/Rating

QA Yahoo & Quora



Customer Support



Meeting in Office

Pricing Plan

Enlive Digital have affordable social media marketing packages and pricing for all size of businesses

  • Package 1 14,900
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Upto 3 Social Networks
  • Profile Setups
  • 15 Creative Designs
  • 15 Posts Sharing on Timeline
  • Package 2 28,900
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Upto 6 Social Networks
  • Profile Setups
  • 30 Creative Designs
  • 30 Posts Sharing on Timeline
  • Package 3 56,900
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Upto 10 Social Networks
  • Profile Setups
  • 60 Creative Designs
  • 60 Posts Sharing on Timeline