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Boost your online business with more traffic, more leads and more sales. We ensure guaranteed PPC results at a lower Cost Per Acquisition through your PPC advertising campaigns in Mumbai. We deliver better ROI by utilizing all Ad networks sufficiently. We provide the best-paid services in Mumbai. We specialize in using PPC platforms like Google Adwords, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Bing and Yahoo for advertising online. We conceptualize and execute an integrated campaign across various social channels to get the best results. We provide digital PPC advertising services like Search Advertising, Display Advertising, Social Media Advertising, Remarketing, Google Shopping and Mobile Advertising in Mumbai. For best PPC services in Mumbai, CONTACT US!

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What are PPC ads or CPC (Cost Per Click) ads?

PPC (Pay Per Click) ads also known as CPC (Cost Per Click) ads is a way of online advertising strategy where a publisher is paid for every click by an advertiser. PPC advertising model is the most preferred way of marketing for all paid ads. PPC ads are furthermore classified into Search Engine Advertising and Display Ads.

Search Engine Ads

Search Engine Marketing also known as Search Engine Ads is where search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc are paid by an advertiser to display ads above or below organic search results. Usually, a company deals with multiple products and services. And users who use different search terms to search for these services and products. Due to immediate competition in the market, ranking organically on the first page is not an option for a brand. Search Engine Marketing makes it possible for small scale companies or brands to compete with large companies or brands and get highly qualified traffic to their websites. If you want a wider coverage on Search Engines then SEM is the best marketing strategy that compliments SEO.

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Display Ads

A display ad enables a brand or a company to reach a wider target audience through advertising platforms like Google Adwords, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. These platforms allow an advertiser to run display ad banners for their respective target audience across the wider spectrum of internet apart from displaying ads natively on the platforms. It displays the ads even though the audiences are not searching for a brand, products or services. These ads can help you to target the interests of the audience based on their preferences, likes, dislikes and geographical location.

What makes Enlive Digital the Best PPC Company in Mumbai?

As an affordable PPC company in Mumbai, we are open to working with small scale, local and international clients to make sure there is optimal performance on your PPC campaign. We believe in delivering the most versatile and scalable online ad campaigns through PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising.

Google PPC advertising by Enlive Digital will increase your visibility online and increase traffic to your website through superior Pay Per Click marketing strategies. We make it possible by precision targeting and our experienced PPC experts study the market and your ideal customers to place the ads where the target audience/customers see them. Factors like language, location, internet usage habits of customers/users are given utmost attention to detail while executing the best PPC campaigns for our clients.

Right from the moment someone clicks your ad to the point where a sale is made, we provide solutions that allow you to track PPC and ROI. Our PPC experts make sure your ads are getting the optimized results and reaching the right target audience.

We tailor our PPC campaigns to your budget and make sure that your allocated budget does not go overboard. Google Adwords PPC is a cost-effective marketing solution with Enlive Digital. We are one of the top PPC Company in Mumbai as Enlive Digital is a result oriented digital marketing agency that has the expertise to design and execute the perfect PPC campaign for your business/brands which further translates to attracting your potential customers to your website.

The pay per click experts at Enlive Digital are experienced in search advertising, display advertising, mobile app advertising, video advertising, and shopping advertising. We make sure that our clients get a higher Return On Investment for PPC ads.

Enlive Digital being one of the top PPC agency in Mumbai, we analyze your website, brands, products and services first. We provide best keywords with accurate keyword research for your website, brand, product or services. Our expert PPC marketers focus on various aspects of PPC campaigns like ad copy creation, affordable budget management, conversion tracking setup and optimization, campaign management, monthly campaign performance reporting for your online PPC ads.

We are an affordable, ROI, Lead and Result Oriented Marketing Agency in Mumbai India!

What does Enlive Digital as a PPC company in Mumbai do for best PPC campaigns?

We at Enlive Digital marketing agency offer you transparent client services by accessing their PPC accounts. We as PPC experts in Mumbai spend a good amount of time for keyword researching for each campaign. We provide exceptional features of PPC services in Mumbai such as:

Landing Page Creation

We help you to create an optimized PPC landing page for that effective paid campaigns that translate to higher customer satisfaction.

Landing Page Creation

We help you to create an optimized PPC landing page for that effective paid campaigns that translate to higher customer satisfaction.

Monthly Campaign Reports

We being one of the best PPC company in Mumbai always study the current market situation by maintaining a solid campaign management report. We figure out the best working PPC strategies to make sure you get the best results.

Best Ad Creation

At Enlive Digital we provide the best ad copyright creation in Mumbai that works best for your unique PPC campaigns. We ensure long term substantial growth for your business by delivery satisfying results in a quick span of time.

Better ROI

PPC experts at Enlive Digital use their digital marketing expertise to offer practical suggestions pertaining to paid advertising. We ensure the best exposure of your brand through the best ROI in Mumbai.

PPC Bid Management

This is one of the most important areas in the region of paid advertising. Our bid management tricks make sure the results of PPC ads bestow your business with long-term growth.

Growing Paid Traffic

Enlive Digital offers you the best and latest quality of PPC services that boosts paid traffic to your website within the shortest span of time.

Less CPC for PPC Campaigns

Our team of SEO professionals at Enlive Digital help in reducing the gross cost per conversion (CPC) that in turn enhances the quality score of your website.

Increase in Sales and Leads

If you are business with a goal to improve leads and sales in a short period of time, our PPC strategies can be a great deal of help to keep the momentum going.

Setting Up a PPC Ad Campaign in Mumbai

Our Google Adwords certified PPC experts offer commendable ad campaign set up as part of Paid advertising service for that maximum sales online.

How does Enlive Digital Maximize Google Adwords ROI?

We ensure the following steps to ensure your ad campaign gains maximum results:

In-depth Market Research

Our PPC experts in Mumbai research each and every opportunity you might have overlooked. We have a supply of expert advice on how to get maximum market shares by using keyword analysis. We review what Pay Per Click advertising tactics work the best for you.

Keyword Refinement and Filtering

Often clients are not able to generate real leads that matter and end up paying a lot of money. This is because clients go for popular keywords that are either too broad or are expensive. We as PPC experts recommend you keyword adjustments that will help to drive the right kind of traffic to your website, generate quality leads and connect potential customers with your brand, products or services.

ROI based Reports

Clients using our PPC services in Mumbai are provided with PPC reports that notify the performance of your campaign including the number of clicks, visits, and sales. Our PPC marketers make sure you get an accountable measure of your campaign's Return On Investment (ROI) for reviewing purposes. We keep up with you to increase conversions and make the most of your paid money. This way, you can judge better based on the type of ROI you see based on those hard figures.

Deliver Measurable PPC Solutions

Enlive Digital is an experienced PPC company in Mumbai that has a reputation to pay heed to client needs and suggestions. Lack of focus with blanket search terms can cost you expensive PPC advertisements and result in huge losses. We as a PPC advertising agency in Mumbai research and suggest search terms that actually connects visitors to your business. We are here to offer you the best affordable PPC service that more likely result in sales.

Why Choose Enlive Digital for PPC Marketing in Mumbai?

Our Policies are Transparent

We believe in providing transparent PPC services in Mumbai because a client's trust is really important to us. We update about their PPC campaign progress monthly with a proper report. We also discuss the future of PPC ad campaigns with our clients and solve their PPC queries face to face.

Industry Experts for PPC

Our PPC experts work according to Google guidelines and algorithm so that your business rank higher in search engine. We as PPC experts at Enlive Digital know how to increase your online visibility and sustain your business charts for a very long time. We encourage you to make your brand more popular online via PPC and social media strategies.

We provide Affordable and Quality PPC services in Mumbai

We deliver quality PPC services that are affordable. You can compare our PPC plans with other leading PPC services in Mumbai and come up with a confident decision. Make your website as Google friendly as possible to get good traffic with Enlive Digital.

Enlive Digital as a Facebook Marketing Agency in India

Currently boasting over 1.30 billion users around the world, Facebook has become a powerful and unparalleled king of social media advertising industry. With more than half of the users being active on the website every day, Facebook has become a crucial method of reaching new customers due to its wide reach and pay-per-click advertising.

Your Facebook Page can be best described as the second website for your brand. People also search for your Facebook page when they look up for the services that your company provides. Facebook Page gives people or potential customers to go through the services or products you have to offer as a brand, they can also chat or learn about your business on a more personal level. We always monitor and make sure that our social media advertising content is parallel to your social media efforts.

When you compare Facebook PPC advertisements with Google Adsense you have a certain amount advantage there. The advantages are that you can target your campaign to very specific demographic slots and also the audiences are very much connected or a younger audience. Facebook as a social media platform also lets you monitor feedbacks and conversation regarding your campaign. Based on that, you can also modify or optimize your campaigns.

Social Media Marketers at Enlive Digital has the best Facebook PPC marketing campaigns that are tailor-made to fit the specifications and requirements of your business. We have the technical expertise to create a Facebook campaign that has the ability to convert those impressions into sales apart from reaching your target audience. We also take care of the budgetary hassles and concerns of our clients and make sure that our marketing strategies fetch you the desired result with maximum effect. With our cutting-edge facebook ad campaigns, we ensure that you receive the best possible ROI with the highest level of outcome. We also ensure that you improve your content for building customer loyalty.

We get it that you are busy with other priorities and due to a busy schedule, you must have given Facebook advertising a miss. It’s never too late though. Contact us to discuss your Facebook marketing goals.

Unique PPC Services and Marketing solutions

At Enlive Digital we provide the most unique and out-of-the-box PPC services in Mumbai. We don't hold back to create unique PPC marketing strategies for platforms like Google and Facebook. Our PPC experts in Mumbai put their heart and soul to achieve that perfect digital marketing formula for your brands, products, and services. We see to it that your budget and our creative strategies merge together to come up with unique display ads that attract a wide range of target audience.

Pricing Plan

Enlive Digital have affordable ppc packages and pricing for all size of businesses

  • Package 1 11,900
  • Google Adwords
  • Profile Setup
  • Upto 3 Camapaign Optimization
  • Upto 1 lakh Budget
  • Package 2 22,900
  • Google Adwords
  • Profile Setup
  • Upto 6 Camapaign Optimization
  • Upto 3 lakh Budget
  • Package 3 44,900
  • Google Adwords
  • Profile Setup
  • Upto 10 Camapaign Optimization
  • Upto 10 lakh Budget