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The First Step – Logo Design

The first step for branding your business begins with the logo. The logo is going to be the life-long face of your company. Apart from being just the identity of a company, it also makes things easier for people to recognize your company amongst the competition. At the same time, your logo must convey the right message and represent your brand without any effort.

Consistency is one of the other important first-steps throughout all marketing materials. Make sure that the color, fonts, images, textures or patterns, form and structure of layouts are synced well with the core of your business or brand. It should be so consistent that even without your logo present, your brand can be identifiable. Uniformity and consistency depict professionalism, competency, and credibility in the eyes of the viewers.

Best Logo Design & Branding Agency in Mumbai, India 2019 | Enlive Digital

Why Branding is Important?

When it comes to marketing, branding is considered one of the most important aspects of business, be it small or large. Branding binds what customers think about a company with what the company wants customers to think about them. Branding is about an emotional connect and how a person feels about a product or company. A brand represents the core values of the customers. The brand communicates with the audience and lets them know what to expect from the company with regards to its products or services. The brand helps you to stand out from the competition with a unique and fierce identity.

Branding helps a company to create a vision in the eyes of the loyal customers. It helps the company or business to answer this fundamental question: What do I want to be known for? Branding helps to inspire employees to work harder, understand the goal of a business and the reason for its existence. Branding supports advertising, improves the financial worth, creates trust and generates new customers or leads.

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How Enlive Digital helps you with the process?

We provide consultation for companies who are struggling to come up with a business name and tagline. Once we come up with a powerful or memorable name and slogan, we then take the next step i.e. to create a logo. We create a unique logo that helps to represent your company in the fiercely competitive market.

After the new logo is created, we then focus on creating a consistent brand through marketing stationeries and creating your online presence that includes social media and website design.