Video Marketing Tips, Strategies and Best Practices. {Updated 2019}

Video Marketing Tips, Strategies and Best Practices. {Updated 2019} | Enlive Digital

There is no doubt that video is important. According to the latest marketing statistics of 2018, one-third of the people are spending their time watching video content online. The number of businesses that use video as a marketing tool has gone up from 63% in 2017 to 81% in 2018 and 81% people actually got convinced to buy a product or service by watching brand videos. If you still haven’t considered using video as a tool to leverage your brand goals, now is the time that you actually consider. Here’s why:

•    People tend to retain 65% of the information for a couple of days when it is visually appealing.

•    As much as 70% of potential consumers prefer watching videos of a product rather than reading about it.

•    Videos increase Organic engagement on Facebook.

•    A video post earns 10 times more share than text and image posts combined.

•    The vast majority of online digital marketers are incorporating video marketing strategies already.

•    Companies using video marketing as a strategy have already witnessed:

– An increase of 27% in CTR (click-through rate)

– 40% increase in high web conversion rate

– 50% higher revenue growth than the companies who don’t opt for video marketing strategies.

Video Marketing and Benefits

If you aren’t aware of online video marketing and you need some kind of an update, we are here to guide you. Video marketing is not rocket science, but a practice of incorporating videos into your marketing strategy for better awareness and brand recognition. Many people have a notion that video marketing is expensive, irrelevant or complicated. But it’s not! It is as simple as recording a video from your smartphone, adding a piece of music and your company logo.

You have been exposed to the world of video marketing but you haven’t just realized it. Ever observed the sponsored videos that pop up in your live social media feeds? Have you ever received any email newsletters with videos in it? What about the videos embedded on the home pages of a website or blog posts? These are all the examples of video marketing that you go through every day without realizing much. However, as a business, you can’t be a spectator in the marketing game and if you want to really grow as a brand, increase your conversion rates, impressions or views – then you need to up your game and get into creating video marketing strategies for yourself!

Video marketing is very much beneficial other than being a source of entertainment. As a potential customer, it would be really boring to read a long page of textual content without any visual representation for it. You would rather watch a smartphone review than reading about it. Watching videos about a product or services with animated content is more fun than actually reading blogs or articles. Some of the benefits of video marketing include as follows:

1. Videos build Trust and Confidence

Building a trust factor is the best thing possible through video marketing strategies. It helps a lot to gain trust within the digital pool of existing customers, potential clients, and prospective employee candidates. There should be a video marketing funnel that needs to be implemented and at the top of the funnel, there should be types of videos that should introduce your company, services or products and help to solve a longing problem.

Below are the following types of videos that help to build trust:

  • Customer Testimonials
  • Product Reviews
  • Case Studies 
  • Expert Reviews

A positive customer review about a hotel, an industry technical expert giving reviews about a product or services, giving your viewers a glimpse of brand influencers who make up your company can help to create emotional engagement and eventually gain trust.

2. Videos help to Increase Brand Awareness

Positive videos help your company to gain brand awareness and recognition. Also, if your company is a top-of-mind solution provider to the problems of a consumer your job is half done. Sharing positive experiences or testimonials of consumers through videos can associate your company with good brand recognition and awareness.

3. Conversion Rates are High

According to recent market researchers, it is estimated that 74% of people buy a product after they watch an explainer video. Interesting right? And landing pages with videos boost conversion rates by 80%.

Now, these are some solid numbers and even Google couldn’t agree more. Even Google is betting high with the success of videos ads by claiming that YouTube ads are generating conversions as good as 150% year after year. With that rate of success, you should consider testing YouTube ads for your own business, brands or services. Through videos, you can explain various scenarios like breaking down a complicated process, how a product or feature works, how to contact your business or company and many other clients or consumer solutions through illustrations.

4. Better ROI

In the earlier days, shooting, editing and producing videos was a tedious and expensive task. Many marketers were against it due to the heavy expenses they had to take care off. However, that’s not the case now. It’s pretty much easy to actually shoot and upload a video with smartphones and more accessible or cheaper apps. Many people are open to being both behind and in front of the camera. People are making it a career by calling themselves ‘YouTubers’ or ‘Vloggers. Since making videos are very much pocket-friendly, the ROI is also potentially higher. As video marketing is gaining momentum, 51 percent of digital marketers today prefer video content as a marketing strategy with the best ROI.

5. Improved Rankings

The good news is, search engines love videos so much so that a YouTube is most likely to end up in the Top 10 results when you try to find something on google search. Wondering how to rank your videos on the first page? We have some options:

  • The title should be Optimized
  • The descriptions should be optimized 
  • Your videos should be accompanied by transcriptions
  • Use category tags
  • Apply Video Schema
  • Embed videos into blog posts

When your videos are completely optimized with titles, keywords, and descriptions, the video works better which in turn helps the page it is embedded in to work better. It’s a win-win marketing strategy.

6. Better and Increased Audience Engagement

Did you know that including the word ‘video’ on your mail subject can fetch you 19% improved open rates? Are you aware that organic engagement is at its highest on Facebook when there are video posts? Recent studies found that 41% more people engage with emails that have a video thumbnail.

People today online are looking out for content that can give them a sense of engagement and connection. To increase engagement, always tell authentic stories by using videos. If you are getting a good response in the form of likes, shares, and comments, it is safe to assume that you are on the right track.

A customer testimonial or a product review conveyed through a video can help to boost customer engagement. Watching videos about improving a product or service or getting a problem solved is more believable than actually reading an article about it. A video content attracts more share, comment, embeds, likes or engagement than any other written blog or social post by 10 times.

What are the different examples of Video Marketing?

If you are kind of person who is camera-shy or don’t have a professional setup for creating videos- don’t worry. Not all video content requires camera video elements. It doesn’t have to be shot aesthetically or be visually stunning. It’s the quality of the content that matters at the end of the day. People overlook aesthetic and visual wizardry if the content shown is funny, interesting, relevant or helpful. You should consider creating and incorporating the following type of videos for executing that perfect online video marketing plan:

1. Customer Satisfaction or Testimonial Videos

Recent studies show that showing testimonial videos that feels honest and relatable increases the trust factor of your brand or company with your target audience and boost engagement via likes, shares, and comments. According to research conducted by YouTube, it is proven that users spend a big chunk of their time watching review videos that showcases peoples’ personal and unique experiences with a company or brand. On-cam interaction with existing and real customers will certainly help to depict how reliable, professional and trustworthy your brand or business is. A positive experience shared on social media platforms, testimonial websites, review pages, Vimeo, YouTube and email newsletters, etc can do wonders for your brand recognition.

2. Branded or Company Profile Video

A company profile video gives an overview of the products or services your company has to offer. The video should also showcase existing customers and potential clients what your company is all about. You can also show what the company defines, its goals and what it can do beyond delivering products and services to a customer.

Brand videos or Company profile videos enlightens your mission and purpose as a company to help create brand awareness. This can create a stir of interest amongst your target audience. Company profile helps to convert your potential leads into sales by allowing them to visualize themselves buying your product or services. Company profile videos should be added on the homepage of your company website or shared on social media platforms. This type of video should also contain on-location shooting of the company premises and interviews to capture the daily operations of your company and the employees.

3. Animated Videos

Animated videos help a marketer to communicate a complicated or lengthy message in a quick and visual format that is easier to understand. They are visually expressive to explain how a product works, brief a process, or exemplify the chain of events for a certain service to occur. Animated videos help for a better understanding of the audience about certain aspects of your company. It helps the audience to retain the illustrations in their memory. A page is more likely to convert at a better rate when a video is merged with written content that is SEO optimized to rank well on Google search engine.

Animated videos have nostalgic value amongst people and they can be easily shared on social media. People always remember their childhood days that often leads to increased engagement, site visits, and brand recognition. Animated videos can be easily created by combining components like images, music, text, animations, graphics, logos and icons. You can create a final product that is visually engaging and conveys the desired message. If the animation videos are embedded on relevant website pages or blog posts, email newsletters and social media channels they perform really well and are successful in bringing tricky concepts to life.

4. How-to-Do-Something Videos

Recent research shows 90% of the millennials search for How-to videos on YouTube to learn something new. How-to videos have the capability to build trust with your online audience. This kind of videos educate the online users on industry, services or products. How-to-videos also provide solutions to a problem and increases the chance of conversion by 90%. How-to videos also encourage healthy interaction between you and your viewers. You can always ask them for questions, feedback, and topics of discussions in the disguise of messages or comments.

5. PRE-ROLL Ads by YouTube

If you want your brand, your company or your business in front of an audience, you need to associate yourself with YouTube. What are YouTube pre-roll ads though? Well, it allows you to target your audience via:

  • Keywords
  • Interests
  • Demographics
  • Placements
  • Remarketing
  • Topics

This kind of ads can help you as a brand to be unique and engaging. It can further help you to stand out from the competition and also raise brand awareness. For these kinds of ads, you need a team of video marketing experts like Enlive Digital. These ads are uploaded on YouTube channels and are tracked through Google Ads with an allocated budget.

Tips, Strategies and Best Practices to do Video Marketing

The most frequently asked questions are:

  • How to do video marketing?
  • How to execute video marketing strategies?

YouTube has come up with a playbook to break down various elements that help to create the most successful ads. The playbook is kind of a guide book that tells us ways to increase brand awareness through video ads:

Use a familiar face – Using a well-known face like celebrities, local leaders, community members, top employees, brand ambassadors, or business entities can increase the viewership of a video.

Integrating humor and emotion– It’s kind of surprising to know that videos with high humor quotient can help with brand awareness and enhanced ad recall value. Human minds are meant to recollect and come across an emotional reaction like fear, enjoyment or humor. Makes sense, right? You might have observed that some ads stand out for you: awesome travel videos, talking animals, laughing babies, or quirky mascots. Such videos do an incredible job of retaining the attention of the audience.

Supplement Video with Audio – YouTube research says that there is a 20% increase in brand awareness and recognition if you choose the perfect audio that compliments your video. The research also states that 95% of the YouTube videos are watched with the sound ON unlike Facebook where 85% of the videos are watched without sound.

Video Marketing Tips, Strategies and Best Practices. {Updated 2019}
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Video Marketing Tips, Strategies and Best Practices. {Updated 2019}
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